About the Comic

== General ==
Substitute Class Imago is a SCI-FI story set thirty years in the future, Set in one of the UK's newest cities, Metro Novo.
The story follows the the Tech Crime Division of the City Defence Force, as they investigate cases of illigal applications of technology throughout the city.

== City Defence Force ==

The City Defence force are a fledgling organization set up to deal with serious organized 
crime and other large scale threats the regular police aren't equipped to handle. 
The organization in Metro Novo are the prototype installation and plans are to eventually 
set up a branch in the rest of the major cities.

== Tech Crime Division ==
A Small division of the CDF set up to investigate the creation and distribution of illegal technologies throughout the city. The TCD was formed within the CDF after several incidents of technology entering the city from outside the country.

About the Author

Ian King is twenty years old and is currently living in Lincoln, England, where he attends his second year of university studying Forensic Science. 

Comments, praise and complaints may be directed to ClassImago@Yahoo.co.uk





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