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Name: Dr. Sarah Quinn

Age: 29

Issued Sidearm: GLOCK 19

CDF Agent, Sarah Quinn serves as the team’s primary technical support for the Tech Crime Division. Performing a range of tasks from facilitating communication between the team members during operations, to electronic data assessment and the occasional system infiltration to gather evidence.

                Former communication technology developer, with a PhD, (The application of wireless fidelity communications, and their advantages over conventional radio broadcasts, in terms of operational security.), Sarah is best described as a thinker rather than a fighter, thus making her stand out amongst a large majority of the CDF, let alone the other members of the TCD. She is however proficient in basic handgun use (she passed the field training course, just) though she generally prefers to let the boys do the dirty work, while she makes sure they’re not about to rush in blind.                


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