Not dead, just temporarily insane 09/06/08

Well the good new is that I have now finished my third year of university and am in that academic limbo (or purgatory, depending on your outlook) state known as the Graduand. Of course over the last month or two of writing my dissertation and preparing for exams I learned something about myself. That stress makes me into a monomaniacal masochist, as a friend so delicately put it. So non-surprisingly the comic took a bit of a backseat for a while. In any case I now have until September (when I will hopefully begin my post grad at Sheffield) to build my buffers back up. I just hope I can lure back all my readers.

Ian King


Holy Crap! 08/10/07

Jack over at Webcomic Asylum ( Put up a review of SCI today. Needless to say the final score was much better than I was expecting, which was a nice surprise. Check the site out if you havn't already.

By the way, sorry about the lack of colour latlely, just started my third year of university so I haven't had much time as of late. Bad excuse I know, but bear with me.

Ian King


Over 50 Comics!

Bit late to mention this, but SCI recently hit 50 comics. So to celebrate I went out and got a shiny new domain. From now on you can access the site through:

Spread the word.

Ian King

Four months without news? 31/08/07

I never was any good at keeping up journals, in fact I think I still have an abandoned Dead Journal floatingaround somewhere.

Anyway, a few things. First off i've been experimenting with black and white in the comic, or in this case black and red. So far i'm finding it one hell of alot faster than full colour, and I think I like the look better. Speaking of which, the cast have been slowly undergoing makeovers as I get better at drawing them. I would go for a complete overhaul, but I don't want to upset continuity too much, but looking at the oldercomics gives me an incredible sense on shame. Especially early Maverick, but he's finally starting to look like what I first imagined. As are Chronos and Adelphi for that matter. What do you think? Opinions on the tag board please.

Speaking of opinions, Matthew Speidel was kind enough to review SCI in his review blog, which was a nice surprise. Plus anything which increases the exposure of the comic can't be bad. Since I've been doing this for over a year now, I should probably think about advertising more. Maby even some merch. Though I doubt that will happen any time soon.

In other news, i'm off to Spain for a week or two on 02/09/07, but i'm taking my laptop, so updates will continue as normal.

Ian King


The Return 29/04/07

A few announcements. Firstly Thanks to all the people who made Guest comics during my away time.

In case you missed them they are now hanging in the Fan-art page, and you can find link backs to the creators websites.

In addition, you may remember my mentioning Keenlace a while back. Well if you hop over to there now you

can catch Adelphi and Chronos, as well as loads of other great pieces of artwork.

Finally, I am currently in the middle of exam season for the second year, fortunately itís a very short

Season, and will be over by Wednesday. Once I've finished with the whole second year of Uni thing

I'll hopefully be able to up the updates to two a week, which would be on Mondays and Fridays, I'll keep you

Posted on my progress for that one.


Ian King


Quick Break                   31/03/07


I'll be away until 14/04/07, but worry not, this Monday's update is all ready to update.

As for the next two updates, I have negotiated with some other comics to provide some guest works.

So sit back and enjoy, while I'm away I'll work on the pencils for the next few weeks and try to build up a buffer.


Ian King


Do not adjust you set, 

we are experiencing temporal difficulties       19/03/07


Those of you who are more observant may have noticed the loss of colour. 

Unfortunately University is taking up a lot of time lately, but not to worry, hopefully 

I should be able to get the pages coloured over the course of the next few weeks.


In other new, Chronos and Adelphi will be appearing over at Keenlace over the next 

few weeks.  Its a great way to discover some new reading material, and see some near 

nudity at the same time!


Ian King


Sorry                   11/02/07

Sorry about the lack of update last week. I was knocked out by a really bad case of tonsillitis.

(seriously, the doctor recoiled in horror)

But all is well now so updates will continue as normal.   


Ian King


New Year                   15/01/07

And I'm back!

Hope everybody had a good Holiday.

Sorry about the break over Christmas, but internet access at my parents house was even more scarce than I thought. So next time I'll just have to build up a buffer before I go.

Now for what's new. Firstly I received some new fan-art from By Mattias Thorelli of What Birds Know.

Also there's some new SCI chapter 2 wallpaper available for you here.




Merry Christmas!                   12/12/06

Well close enough anyway.

Firstly I have received some new fan-art which is now hanging in the gallery.

Secondly, I'm visiting family in Spain until after the new year and my web access will most likely range from sporadic to non-existent.

Coupling this with the fact that my buffer disappeared whilst moving house means that the comic may cease for a few weeks. 

However I will try to continue updating, even if it means leaving out colour whilst doing it.


Happy Holidays!


        Ian King

Fan-art                   15/11/06

Okay, fan-art page is up and running. (And to think, it only took an evening of shouting at Microsoft FrontPage.)  

Thanks to SpunkyNeko for the first submission, I am not worthy.

If anybody else out there would like to send in something, drop it into an attachment and send it to: 

Ian King

Wallpaper                      04/10/06

In my spare time this week I managed to put together some SCI wallpaper, and can be all yours right here.

Casting                      02/10/06

Just to let you know, the cast page is up with brief bios on Chronos and Adelphi. 

Of course more is to come as other members of the team are introduced, and we learn more about them.

Next comic up Monday as usual.

Ian  King


Testing                            06/09/06


Hello, I'd like to start by thanking and regular readers I might have, (I know there's at least one person out there) and saying that chances are I'm not going to be using this box too much, unless its something big like (god forbid) missing an update. 

 As  you may doubt may have noticed the site is fairly new, and not quite finished yet, such as the cast and links pages. This is mainly because A: If I were to put up a cast page this early it would ruin the story somewhat, and B: Being a new website, I haven't had the chance to go out and search for sites to link to.

The site building is also being slowed down by the fact I suck in all manner of ways at HTML, take this iframe for instance, this took me all freaking afternoon to get to work because I forgot the </iframe> tag, so the frame kept eating the rest of the site.... oh well. My next mission is a tag board of some description so look out for that.

Next comic is up on Monday.

Thanks for reading

Ian King

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